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Intel to Equip Mobile Devices with Wi-Di Technology

ST Team
Thursday, June 3, 2010
ST Team
Intel intends to use its wireless display (Wi-Di) technology to mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers. With the Wi-Di technology, users will be able to transmit videos and images wirelessly, some of these happen to be from a computer to a high definition TV.

Intel-based devices will be able to manage wireless communication of HD video between the big screen and the device. Intel CEO Paul Otellini says that having Wi-Di technology with Intel-based devices will make it easier to view HD content that can be found on such devices as mobile phones with larger screens.

In essence, technology support for Wi-Di should eventually appear on all platforms; Intel, as well as in television sets produced by different manufacturers. Unfortunately, the timing of such ambitious plans as well as other details are still unknown. Now work is underway to implement Wi-Di for notebooks with new the processors Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7, equipped with integrated graphics. By the way, laptop Toshiba Satellite E205-enabled Wi-Di went on sale back in January this year.

The consumer electronics companies are keen on making partnerships with content providers, and Intel says it is up to the high definition screens to make the Wi-Di content look better on the big screen. The technology would find its best use in the conferences where the use of projectors is indispensable for display of presentations. Connecting the hand held or the tablet with the big screen through wireless display can save the installation time and money involved with the projectors.

Furthermore, replacing HDMI cords with wireless transmission these devices are set to attract more consumers for Intel products and High Definition Flat screens that include these features. Though the time frame is not yet announced, it is keen that Intel is planning to integrate the Wi-Di technology in the notebooks and PDAs running on Intel processing boards.
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