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May - 2014 - issue > CXO View Point

Innovative Approaches should Focus on Key Performance Indicators

Vivek Bhan
SVP, Engineering-Dialog Semiconductors
Thursday, May 1, 2014
Vivek Bhan
Dialog Semiconductors (FWB: DLG) are developers of the world’s most energy-efficient, highly integrated, mixed-signal circuits optimized for individual portable, short-range wireless, lighting, automotive and display applications. The company, incepted in 1981, has a market cap of $1.2 billion.

Technology continues to evolve and impact our lifestyle in a significant way. In the recent times, social media and mobile have surfaced as the most impacting trends, starting from the global spread of the internet in the last two decades to the latest adoption of mobile technologies. These trends are reshaping and disrupting the industry.

The last few years have also witnessed Smartphones gaining prominence along with other internet-based devices. These trends would lead to several affordable devices being deployed worldwide. Also, interesting developments are anticipated around the wearables market, internet of things, and technologies enabling big data solutions.

Another significant development that seems to be gaining momentum is regarding the approach on identifying upfront end user value propositions and then building the right technologies and innovations to deliver it. In many of the recent developments, consumer demand and applications are driving the innovation and technology. Therefore, we are no-longer limited in terms of development of technology and finding applications for those technologies.

These advancements in technology, towards the future are expected to extract complexity away from consumers by providing flexible and simple solutions to conveniently address their precise requirements and expectations.

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