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Infineon India: Ingeniously Enhancing Energy Efficiency along Entire Supply Chain

Susila Govindaraj
Thursday, April 9, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
The dream castles of nearly all emerging technologies are built on the cornerstone of Semiconductors. Be it ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), industrial robotics, smart factory or smart home, they all require gathering of data, interpreting them and acting upon them. In semiconductor world, there are sensors, microcontrollers and power switches as actuators or drivers working under a complex system. As modern society's need combined with steroidal growth of Indian economy has magnified the semiconductor demand, Infineon - the global semiconductor innovation leader in energy efficiency, mobility and security, is excited with this more than welcome challenge. Noting that enhancing energy efficiency is the company's major focus area, its innovative power semiconductors and packaging technology helps to reduce power consumption, heat and switching losses; thereby reducing the impact on environment.

Walking the Green Talk

With a new government and emphasis on renewable sources, MNRE is fervently pushing initiatives for solar & wind segments. "Solar power can be a game changer for India, to address massive power shortage problem and help India achieve its economic goals in an environmentally sustainable manner," foresees Vinay Shenoy, Managing Director, Infineon Technologies (India). "To meet future energy, security and environmental considerations, India's solar ecosystem must be nurtured in next decade so that the green shoots that have emerged can grow strong and provide the platform for solar power," he adds. Aside from rigid CO2 regulations and safety rules, massive urbanization is also magnetizing more investment towards clean technology such as electric drive train.

Noting that 43 percent of its total product innovations are environmental innovations, Infineon is geared up for this paradigm shift towards e-mobility. The company's products raise the ecological efficiency of end-products and help generate savings in relevant applications over their whole lifecycle of approximately 15.8 million tons of CO2 equivalents. Upholding the corporate philosophy of 'sustainability', Infineon's products enable electricity generation from renewable sources, minimize power loss and aid to boost efficiency at every link in supply chain.

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