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India poses huge Opportunity for LBS

Jayakishore Bayadi
Sunday, February 1, 2009
Jayakishore Bayadi
What are the advantages developers will have if they use NAVTEQ mapping platform? What's unique about your products?

The key advantage of the NAVTEQ map is that it offers a single global specification that has been painstakingly created to optimize the needs of customers, end users and developers. The NAVTEQ Map offers more than 260 attributes, which helps us to create the maps in a very consistent manner, according to the needs of that particular country with high quality standards. These attributes are captured by pure technical personnel who are equipped with proprietary equipment, whether it’s pedestrian or automotive. Equipments are designed to optimize the collection and capturing the data accurately. For instance, details of a street, which even includes number of lanes, streets and one ways and no parking areas and several other minute details are captured and stored in the database, which is updated regularly. In addition to 260 attributes, we also collect 50 categories of POIs (Point of Interest) like ATMs, restaurants, transit stops, taxi stands, cross walks and many more.

So, because of such huge and detailed data availability, it makes developers easy to offer the customized and quality map data to their customers, who will experience the similar quality of data regardless of which country they are in. Globally, NAVTEQ collaborates closely with the leading LBS developers and service providers. With presence in over 74 countries we have created a proprietary tools, technologies and processes, which is very hard for any other companies to replicate, which makes us unique in what we are.

Can you elaborate on NAVTEQ Network For Developers?

NAVTEQ Network For Developer (NN4D) is a global community and a place to connect with thought leaders highly invested in the location ecosystem. Here one will find rich technical resources, ways to reduce development costs, platforms to showcase your application and ideas for accelerating time-to-market. NN4D.com provides developers, business partners and visionaries with the tools, people, and support needed to build, showcase and surpass conventional demands for location-rich experiences.

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