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Incorporate the FUD principle to succeed in IT- Focus, Urgency and Discipline

Paul Czarnik
Friday, May 31, 2013
Paul Czarnik
Detroit based Compuware(NASDAQ: CPWR), is a provider of integrated solutions for enterprise IT including IT portfolio management, application development, quality assurance and IT service management. Founded in 1973, the company holds a market cap of $2.41 billion.

Technology drives the pace of transformation for the world today. However, technology has far outpaced the ability for most companies to exploit it and has created massive opportunities for organizations that understand its functioning. The companies that are willing to take risks and invest for the future are going to turn out to be the successors.

Looking at technology from a programmers view, it is important to wear the "programmer hat" at all times, even if sometimes the technological approach conflicts with the business interests of the partner. Deciphering a company's technical assets gives more insight into the corporation rather by reading through a balance sheet or marketing material. A positive mentality can consistently contribute to positive outcomes that the entire organization can rally behind.

Big Data will Transform Businesses

Although the widely talked about technological term has been co-opted in different contexts by different individuals, the single biggest foreseeable trend in technology is "Big Data". In the true sense of real time analytics, Big Data is calculated from the abundant data sources that companies and third parties have amassed. The potential of this technology to transform business operations, sales and customer support is such that it is anticipated to prove devastating to those organizations that ignore this phenomenon.

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