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Incognito Worldwide: Driving Maximum Visibility via One-Two Punch Attack

Susila Govindaraj
Friday, April 10, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
When Incognito Worldwide took over the management of the Childswork and Red Ribbon Resources pay per click accounts, the first thing they did was research; the second was suspending all ads mid-season. Two months later Red Ribbon had its best selling season.

Incognito Worldwide is a full-service digital agency who didn't just elevate the two website accounts from obscurity to top rankings; they also increased organic income by an amazing 80 percent using an aggressive campaign. The company later relaunched a smaller PPC effort that returned a positive ROI, and created brand awareness through combined email research surveys, social media contests, and online videos that it wrote and produced.

Incognito surges ahead of the competition with this one-two punch attack; wherein the company initially builds a robust organic search foundation to drive maximum visibility, and then extends into social media to engage potential customers for their clients. It also performs data-mining across various social networks - to not just promote products and services, but to identify the needs (of their client's) potential customers, but also engage with them on a one-on-one basis to explain how their client can fulfill those needs. "We approach marketing with numerous 'WHYs' and build campaigns based on those answers. WHY is the client hiring us, is it for exposure, rankings, or sales? Why does their customers buy from them, is it brand-awareness, pricing, quality? WHY is a particular competitor outpacing them? We research this and much more before we jump in," explains Bruce T. Dugan, Chairman & CEO, Incognito Worldwide.

Kiran Kumar, marketing head at Incognito Worldwide explains, "We approach marketing from a top down visibility and then we apply it from a ground up implementation". Dugan continues "Once Incognito aligns itself with client's vision, objectives, tactics and participation, the company moves to the research phase to establish the objectives that are achievable and those that are not in the clients particular market". In the U.S., the company also provides synced content for the top 50 location-based directories.

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