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Importance of APM in Enterprises

Neeraj Dotel
Thursday, September 8, 2011
Neeraj Dotel
The IT industry flourishes on the stability and reliability of the applications that it either develops or services. Everyday when newer applications are developed and administered the need to manage their performance goes hand in hand. Over the last few years, the awareness for application performance and monitoring has increased manifold. Such awareness is primarily driven by the development of a more integrated approach to monitor, manage and provide service assurance to applications that utilize the network. The industry today is growing at a tremendous rate and the need to compete in the market depends on the performance of the concerned products. The growing usage of web applications is driving the market towards APM adoption by large enterprises simply because of the collaborative environment and growing customer base.

The Market Trends Today:

The market for Application Performance Management (APM) is experiencing a steady growth with the introduction of more advanced applications. Further, the increasing usage of networks such as wireless and new technologies, adoption of wide range of network technologies by the companies and the requirement for high security of networks are driving the APM market.

Decision makers are highly aware of the impact the internet has on day-to-day business performance. They want better, more user friendly information to help improve customer support, maintain employee productivity, and sustain revenues.

The Need for Application Performance Management (APM):

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