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IT Services 4.0 finding the new age magic potion to business success!

Mohan Sekhar
President and COO-Collabera
Monday, March 5, 2012
Mohan Sekhar

Just where do you think the global IT Services industry is headed? This seems to be a dilemma that’s perturbing every other IT Services provider, more so the mid-size companies. Triggered by a shaky economic scenario in Europe and given the uncertainty on IT spends in the U.S., many corporates are wondering if the industry is headed towards an extended period of uncertainty. In such a capricious economic scenario, what should an IT Services company do to survive – or even better, thrive?

Having braved many storms over the years, it’s fair to say the IT Services industry is resilient enough to overcome such temporary downturns of the economy. It has evolved significantly over time; if anything, it has only emerged stronger over the years. This is quite evident and is reflected in the heightened focus companies place on creating value for customers – by becoming integrated with the core operations of a client’s business and simultaneously delivering on predefined parameters like quality, robustness, reliability and the like in an optimal fashion. From the traditional, pure cost savings led off-shoring model to more progressive models that are widespread, there has been a sea change in IT Services delivery models today – be it performance driven, pay-per-use or an onsite-offshore-onshore/near shore mix.

Current landscape

Due to the burgeoning role of technology in business, IT is seen today as a key business enabler and hence, organizations can no longer afford to have a siloed IT organization. With business becoming more demanding, IT needs to be flexible to meet the ever changing business expectations. New age CIOs’ approach towards IT is fundamentally different compared to that of their predecessors. Having said this, the shaky economic landscape has brought about a new wave of cautious spending by enterprises globally.
Unmistakeably, enterprises are demanding more 'bang for the buck', more so when it comes to their IT spends. Companies are willing to invest in IT as long as they see strong merits in investing, with a clear perspective on the kind of returns they can expect. In today’s world, companies will continue to spend on IT if it helps broaden their reach into new markets, achieve considerable increase in productivity or attain higher customer satisfaction.

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