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IITians Queue up for Defense Jobs

si Team
Thursday, July 2, 2009
si Team
The sixth pay commission has shown effective results as the top notch IITians share 12 percent of the total number of scientists recruited by the Defense Research & Development Organisation (DRDO). This is the first time ever that the IITians have entered the fray for recruitment in the DRDO. The DRDO recruits around 500 scientists annually and 60 of them are from the IITs this time.

The labs of the DRDO were just managing to recruit one or two engineering graduates from the top institutes since the past few years.
“The pay, packages, and promotion schemes were more streamlined after the Sixth Pay Commission which also gave an assurance on career progress. The scientists no longer have to wait for the creation of vacancies to get promotions. Also, the annual allotment for awards for the scientists has been doubled to Rs. 2 crore,” say DRDO human resource officials.
In another development, 30 NRI (Non Resident Indian) applicants out of a total of 150 were recruited in 2008. They were recruited in the D and E categories in the science and engineering areas of R&D.

Some 40 scientists were absorbed under the ‘registration of students with scholastic aptitude’ (ROSSA) scheme of the DRDO.

The scientists who had earlier left the DRDO to join other organizations are also coming back, attracted by the new pay packets.

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