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How to Find More Reasons to Launch Your Startup within Your Current Company

Randal Moss and David J. Neff
Friday, October 7, 2016
Randal Moss and David J. Neff
David J. Neff helps people for a living. As an award winning author, speaker, teacher and consultant he has been driving innovation and digital strategy work with Fortune 500 clients and nonprofits for over 16 years. With immense experience in institutionalizing innovation development frameworks and creating consumer engagement solutions for companies, Randal C. Moss is an award winning marketer who focuses on engaging organizations and applying technology to drive growth.

To be a competitive entity in global commerce an organization must be able to consistently have strong points of differentiation in its products or services. We exist in a global meritocracy where the best win and the rest go home to cry in their tea. The largest single challenge that executives should consider is how we create a culture and a structure that can consistently out develop, out design, out produce our competitors.

Delivering MORE

You can no longer compete on price alone. Cost still has a place in the sales cycle but many consumers have moved beyond price as the sole consideration point. Consumers, whether they are individuals or institutions, want value. And value comes from competitively priced solutions that offer more. Are you capable of giving more?
More comes in so many forms, and everyone has a different opinion of what more is. What is most important is that you structurally designed to actively look for and develop more. One of the best ways to identify more is to look internally at your employees and create opportunities for them to bring forth their ideas about more and develop them. Being intentional and inclusive in your search for more will have a net positive impact on the product and service that you produce as well as the internal corporate culture of your organization. Believe it or not, your organization is better place for people to develop more than taking their ideas to an external incubator for funding and growth support. You just have to make the commitment to supporting them.

Empowering Entrepreneurship

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