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Hedvig Raises $12.5M to Reinvent Distributed Data Storage

SI Team
Saturday, May 2, 2015
SI Team
Hedvig Inc., a US-based developer of cloud based software defined storage system solutions, has secured USD12.5 million in Series A round of funding led by Atlantic Bridge Capital, with participation from True Ventures and Redpoint Ventures. Atlantic Bridge Capital, True Ventures and Redpoint Ventures are the venture capital firms.

"We considered launching the company at the seed round stage more than a year and a half ago, but many industry experts did not believe what we were doing could be done so it didn't make sense to publicize our company until our platform was proven and in production at several customer sites," said Hedvig founder and CEO Avinash Lakshman. "Enterprise data is arguably one of the most important business assets and we needed to earn our customers' trust with a rock solid product. Today we are proud to unveil our storage platform that looks like the infrastructure that Google, Amazon and Facebook run internally, but packaged to bring that capability to any enterprise data centre."

With the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform, cloud and data centre professionals can consolidate storage of any type or location into a virtualized pool that drops the provisioning time and costs to small fractions of what it would take with traditional storage technologies today.The platform enables complete protocol consolidation by collapsing several layers of the storage stack into a single software platform, empowering enterprises with the ability to choose how to provision their storage. With this, organizations can increase capabilities as their needs evolve, without the need to reset their storage architecture.

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