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HR Practices need to change to accommodate the Workforce 2.0

Vishwas Nair
Wednesday, April 4, 2012
Vishwas Nair
Bhuvaneshwar Naik, VP – HR, SAP Labs talks about the changing HR trends and practices driven by the new generation of workforce.

Changing HR trends

In the last four to five years, from an IT industry stand point a couple of changes have happened in the HR space. A larger focus has been given to the Diversity. It is not just important to see if we have the right number of people but also to see if we have the right mix of people. This will eventually drive innovation, growth and more. The fact that NASSCOM now organizes diversity seminars since last few years is really a testimony of the importance of diversity in work culture. The understanding of the term 'diversity' itself has evolved over the few years. Today it is just not about gender diversity but it also means creating an inclusive work environment by adding a very young work force to our employee list.

Another major change is that after 2008 downturn, organizations have become far more cautious about rewards, recognition and benefits to the employees. The cost pressure of benefits has taken a center stage such as health insurance where the cost of utilization is more than then premiums offered by organizations.

New HR practices in SAP

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