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HOT Technologies 2009

Krishan Dhawan
Sunday, February 1, 2009
Krishan Dhawan
In the wake of the financial market turbulence and security threats imposing corporations, 2009 will drive organizations to re-look at how IT will accelerate their business transformation for future growth. The role of IT in business is becoming critical by the day, as organizations look to save costs and control their overall expenditures. In my view, IT solutions of the future need to enable organizations more and more with valuable insight for effective decisions and ensure transparency for proper governance. In the coming year, it will be critically important for companies to reorient their businesses and look at technologies that will offer practical benefits and a competitive edge.

I clearly see the green agenda gaining top priority in the years to come. Information technology will play a large role in helping companies meet their green initiatives. By combining lean and green practices, companies can potentially save millions of dollars every year by reducing production and energy costs. On the part of IT solution providers, they will have to provide solutions which will support their customers with energy efficient products that will help decrease energy consumption and benefit from cost savings. These would include providing green IT solutions that will cover supply chain management applications, enterprise performance management and business intelligence applications, advanced data compression, governance, risk, and compliance applications, self-service e-billing, etc.

In addition, there are other technologies, that I firmly believe, could help companies – midsized or large, overcome their business challenges and provide a more focused and sustainable future. I’d like to share these with you.

Corporate governance and compliance have acquired prime importance in today’s scenario. Companies cannot afford to ignore it. They must take serious steps to adhere to and comply with given that Indian companies, more and more now, are contributing to the global economy. To compete at a global level, companies have to put in place the best business practices. Regulatory compliance is no longer a choice but a necessity for companies conducting business in an increasingly competitive market place, both in India and abroad. Companies need to treat compliance as a competitive advantage rather than a necessary evil, and technology can help them do that.

Web2.0 is gaining traction because it enables enterprises to integrate platforms of choice and deploy different services for different groups on the web. An array of integrated tools and services are available for delivering context-aware applications, effectively collaborating, and simplifying management and archiving the explosion of unstructured content generated by a wide range of new technologies.

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