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HASHROOT: An Embryonic Juggernaut in the Server Management Industry

Poulomi Mukherjee
Tuesday, July 1, 2014
Poulomi Mukherjee
While the most arduous task for a startup is to establish themselves in the market and convey the value of their services and products to its clients, HashRoot Technologies has not only mastered its root domain, i.e., server management, to capture clients in varied geographies but has also expanded its services furthermore and prevailed all of them. Despite an uphill battle against challenges like poor infrastructure and low funding and insufficient manpower, the company became a one-stop solution in a very short span with persistence and competency. HashRoot manages the entire IT infrastructure of its clients along with providing consultation to open source technologies.

Anees T was a Server Administrator before he incepted HashRoot in 2009. It is when Vimal Kumar from Red Hat got fascinated with his work that they two joined hands to form the company. Today, HashRoot offers Security, Monitoring and Server Audit solutions which currently serve many well-known companies in the Web Hosting industry. The company strives to remain up-to-date on emerging and future technologies and has already maneuvered many upcoming technologies as the likes of Cloud and IM technology within a few years while even the idea of the prospect seems incredible to its competitors. HashRoot's service offerings vary in a wide range such as Infrastructure Management (IM) Services, Enterprise Cloud Services and Software Development & Testing. The company also offers servers desktop management along with managing the server itself while mission-critical services are running in the backdrop. But the cherry on the cake is their consultation on open source technologies which has helped organizations cut their IT costs upto 40 percent by simply switching over to free and open source solutions. "We analyze the cases in great detail and ensure a smooth migration from proprietary software to open source," says Anees T, Founder, CEO & Managing Director, HashRoot Technologies.

But as technology progresses, the need for an impregnable and user friendly security system has also become paramount. Keeping that in mind, HashRoot has come up with a dedicated support solution known as ServerAdminz to accentuate their Server Management Services. An R&D team working tirelessly to invent innovative ideas and performing in-house testing of the new solutions aids HashRoot improve its operational efficiency. Using an amalgamation of business strategic and technical skills targeting the reputed data centers & web hosting companies combined with partnerships with reputed data centers, the company has painted a large footprint on the globe covering U.S., UK, Singapore and Dubai on its wake. "Our focus is to solicit clients round the globe," adds Anees further.

These initiatives caught the eyes of the clients and the company soon became a favorite of theirs. Pushed by the enhancing demand of its services, HashRoot shifted to one of the largest IT Park in Kerala, Infopark within a year of inception. The company currently has over 80 employees engaged in providing world-class services to its customers. In the near future, HashRoot anticipates focussing on web security and developing advanced security applications or scripts. Further, the company plans to use existing cloud technologies and take it forward by building custom tools to simplify and automate tasks, thus enabling SMBs to spend less on IT maintenance. HashRoot has also strategized a perfect market entry to expand to the overseas market as the likes of Canada, Spain and Germany.
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