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Growth as a Perception

Karthik Shahani
Tuesday, May 1, 2007
Karthik Shahani
What is growth? People at various positions and phases in their lives have different connotations to it. Is growth remunerative, intellectual or designation-driven? Or is it all rolled into one.

Considering the high rate of attrition today, it has become very challenging to retain good talent. Most exit interviews start and end with the fact that the new assignment provides great growth opportunities. This is fine as long as growth is interpreted correctly.
In my opinion, growth is an intrinsic quality and it revolves around development of your skill and experience. The high level of specialization translates into efficiency; this is also leading to a breakdown of the traditional layers of hierarchy. Today’s organization works on a rather flat and matrix structure. Growth here is – ‘what more can you do’ over the ability to perform your job at the highest level of efficiency.

The growth then is ‘Have you developed your skill to the level that you could be a role model?’ If so then you are ready for the next level. The skill sets for a job function would be the same but the level of expertise would differentiate between a manager and a senior manager.

How does one nurture growth? For leaders it is imperative to be able to have a candid discussion with an individual from the team and based on the skill set have a candid discussion around the skill level. It only then you can measure growth and be able to provide the path to the next level.

Growth of a leader:

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