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GlobalLogic: Engineering Products

Pradeep Shankar
Thursday, August 23, 2007
Pradeep Shankar
When GlobalLogic Founder and President Sanjay Singh picked up Jim Collins’ book ‘Built to Last’ from the Broders book store in Western Virginia he was clear that he would change the face of his company. He made sure the other founders of the company Manoj Agarwala, Rajul Garg and Mukul Jain—too read the book. At the end of the exercise Singh communicated his decision to his team, “If I do something ever, then this book will become the framework for our company.”

What followed was a rigorous drill of imbibing the principles expressed in Collin’s book and thereby articulating GlobalLogic’s mission: ‘We will partner with the world’s emerging software leaders to help them bring great products to market in less time and at less cost.’ To keep the momentum going, Singh defined the vision, “By the year 2010, we will dominate the worldwide market for outsourced software product engineering.”

Once the vision was set, it was just a matter of execution. Unlike the IT services firms, which took cost proposition to the customer’s table, the GlobalLogic team’s conversation with customers revolved around the CTOs challenges. As Singh and his team talked about time to market, collaborative working, and sharing the MBOs of the head of engineering, customer’s eye lit up. “They do not want a rate sheet or list of certifications. They are looking for a meaningful dialogue which addresses their needs. And that’s what we focus on,” notes Singh.

It is this messaging that has helped GlobalLogic go places. The 1700-strong company has been offering a portfolio of software product life cycle solutions such as product conceptualization, product realization, product testing and QA, migration and testing, product maintenance and support, product extension, and professional services. The competency it brings to table has helped the company enjoy ongoing relationships with more than 80 technology firms and built expertise in catering to customers in enterprise software, consumer internet, VoIP, wireless, telecom, security, payment and finance verticals.

It is this focus on technology companies that makes GlobalLogic stand out of the crowd. The Outsourced Product Development (OPD) market is a relatively at a nascent stage. According to India’s software industry body National Association of Software and Services (Nasscom), the market is set to grow to $8 to$10 billion by 2010.GlobalLogic aims to garner a larger share and lead the market.

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