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Gensuite: Channelizing Businesses towards a Risk-free EHS Realm

si Team
Thursday, March 24, 2016
si Team
Just a month after being crowned as a Leader in the Verdantix 2016 Green Quadrant for EH&S Software, Gensuite LLC - proud world-wide service provider of Gensuite - is rejoicing again with 'Smart Innovators badge', awarded by Verdantix recently. Standing tall as a leading enabler of compliance and Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) excellence with 15+ such recognitions, Gensuite's success recipe is simple, yet scarce in the industry.

Keeping its customers as its paramount axiom, the company drives all processes by standing in its customer's shoes so as to put the power of mitigating risksin the hands of clients running complex operative environment.Here, every mode of a project is pilot-tested and fine-tuned for speed and quality, based on client feedback. "Whenever we launch a product, we speak through our subscribers to showcase their experiences and the benefits they realized," asserts R. Mukund, CEO, Gensuite.

Endowing a Potpourri of Functionalities

Being a solution based on enterprise license amongst the integrated suite of cloud-based web applications, the company selects application that will be the best-match to business requirements, scale & footprints, thus helping companies to adapt to the constantly evolving regulatory and risk management landscape. The rationale behind such excellence can be credited to their record of improvement enablement,subject matter expertise and experience. Architected using cutting-edge technologies, a patented architecture and solution-as-a-service model, the turn-key and launch-ready solutions from Gensuite IT-enable the mission-critical processes to leverage robust, enhanced capabilities and long-term sustainability.

Intelligently integrated with each other, the applications allow people to collaborate, organizations to effectively manage their applications and stakeholders to be accountable and cognizant of their responsibilities. Embedded KPI dashboards enable visibility into the risk management activities across the enterprise and ensure that same standards are upheld in their other branches, irrespective of the boundaries. "The scale of the subscriber group that we leverage provides great economies of efficiency that gets translated into cost and quality benefits, while enabling subscribers to innovate new capabilities," adds Mukund. Touted as one of the most comprehensive safety, environmental and sustainability solutions, the suite offers configurations and optional extensions, which enables the base solution to be configured and extended to match each subscriber's needs. The same experience can be accessed anywhere anytime through its Mobile application named 'Gensuite on the Go', which offers extended mobile functionality support for Apple and Android devices, and soon for Windows Mobile as well.

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