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FruitBowl Digital: A Creative Powerhouse Where Passion Defines Success

si Team
Sunday, August 28, 2016
si Team
Hypothetically speaking, we live in a noisy digital marketing era, where marketers tend to outshout each other in a bid to ace the competition and help their brands to seize people's attention. However, what the brands really need is smart, fresh ideas and strong communication. And needless to say, there is always a risk for the brands to fall prey to bogus marketers, to whom minting heaps of money becomes the lifeline. Not for the expert team of digital enthusiasts at FruitBowl Digital, since for them, enabling digital marketing and branding is a mad passion, rather.

In 2011, an epoch when the concept of digital marketing was still considered a prototype yet to be experienced with, FruitBowl was founded by two MBA-elites and industry veterans, Faisal Amin and Dedeepya Reddy, with the objective to create something amazing and beautiful that would help brands talk human. Today, it is a formidable name in the industry with a strong physical presence in five locations (Mumbai, Bhopal, Indore, Boston and France), 300+ marquee happy clients (that cover Tata, Reliance, Mumbai Metro, Mahindra and BMW), exclusive services and award-winning campaigns.

The Success Recipe

Incorporating a finest blend of diverse talents with unified vision and expertise in technology and execution, FruitBowl endeavors to proffer long-term digital solutions, which are further accentuated by its sheer dynamism, qualitative content and an effective communication. As a full-service digital first advertising agency, FruitBowl provides a wide range of services that include digital and commercial ads, marketing, offline communication and website updates, while all the solutions are designed to leverage brand experiences that connect through the most powerful platforms.

"However, what sets us apart is our skill to understand what the necessity to strive for better is, and our perseverance to settle only for the best. We work systematically and always have a backup plan. We give a methodical and scientific approach to whatever we do," explains Faisal, Co-Founder, FruitBowl. Working with its clients as a unified business solution provider, the company strives to forge strong interpersonal relations with them to effectively understand their mandates, execute creative yet robust strategies and deploy a backup plan, whenever needed. The approach, in turn, reinstates the company's doggedness to walk the talk, irrespective of the tentative conditions, while facilitating FruitBowl to cover salaries, rents and a charting 100 percent+ year-on-year growth.

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