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September - 2007 - issue > Cover Feature

From concept to delivery-our approach to new IP development

Monday, September 3, 2007
While the core focus of our company is in delivering services to monitor and manage the IT infrastructure of our customers, we have also been focused on ways to bring in more automation, reduce manual intervention and improve the overall efficiency of the services. As part of this effort we have embarked on a new IP development project that will enable us to deliver on the above stated objectives and add significant value to managing the IT infrastructure of our customers.

The process we are following is similar to many models or frameworks available for a new product development, but with some variations based on our experience in handling new product development. The process steps and the key highlights of each step are explained below:

No eureka! But experience based idea generation

Based on our previous customer interactions we arrived at a hypothesis regarding the gap that exists in the way IT Infrastructure management is being delivered by the present set of tools and processes being used by the customers. We sought to address this gap by building a new set of components or tools – and the idea was debated internally within a core group and put together in the form of a short concept note.
Our experience in building and supporting high volume enterprise class OLTP application is being translated into an intelligent diagnostic tool.

Dip-stick testing

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