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December - 2012 - issue > In My Opinion

Footprints of Progress

Adesh Gupta
CEO-Liberty Shoes Ltd
Thursday, November 29, 2012
Adesh Gupta
Liberty Shoes Limited (LSL) is a BSE & NSE (NSE: LIBERTSHOE) listed Indian shoe company based in Karnal, Haryana with a current market cap of Rs.167.62 crores.

Making sure your business works for you requires boundaries between owner and entity. It is about understanding that there are indeed two distinct systems at play here: the family and the business. The more efficiently each system runs, and the more clearly each is understood, the more likely it is that both will support each other to achieve the business owner’s dreams.

Why wait for tomorrow? Why not do it today? Or better still, why not do it now? For me 'Carpe diem' or 'seize the moment' sums up the approach to life. But making every moment tick is easier said than done. It means being pro-active rather than reactive. It means giving ascendancy to vision, intuition and anticipation. And that’s what I believe separates the leader from rest of the herd.
I believe that currently we are living through some of the most momentous times in the history of mankind. It's time of great challenges, great opportunities, great changes and great advancements. Technology has eclipsed faith to emerge as the world’s biggest unifier. It is technology that today defines how we cover ourselves from head to toe.

Being in the footwear business I can certainly take pride in the fact that to Liberty goes the credit of introducing some of the latest advances in footwear technology in India. We are talking about technology that has made footwear more comfortable, more durable and also more attractive in terms of styles and looks.

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