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Focus on "How we can, not Why we can't"

Christo Jacob
Monday, July 1, 2013
Christo Jacob
My boss often says, “Tell me how we can, not why we can’t.” Maybe this mindset does not just imply for my boss alone, but is also in the minds of most of the CIOs and HR departments of the enterprises. The ever changing market dynamics and global competitive pressures have resulted in business becoming more complex, putting immense pressure on HR departments to get the right talent according to changing technology trends and streamlining the work culture using innovative HR solutions. Currently the challenge for them is to row against all the unpredictable tides— high attrition rates, pressure on the working capital and compliance with laws applicable to permanent staff and to have a complete control. To solve the big puzzle “Why we can’t”, most of the enterprises are immensely spending on innovative HR solutions.
What we have observed after talking to many of the enterprises is that HR solutions still remain a highly competitive and fragmented industry that is poised for enormous growth in the coming years as companies increase their investment in their HR infrastructure. To give our perspective to this issue, siliconindia has come up with “5 Most Promising HR Software and Solution Providers” whose software, products and services play a crucial role in helping these companies to overcome HR challenges. These solutions help organizations to better collaborate with, and expectation setting between HRs and hiring managers, and recruiting the best talent to drive innovation within the business.
Though over the past 10 to 12 years, recruiting has moved from placing ads in newspapers to recruiting candidates to the Internet job boards, social media outlets and professional organizations, most of the leading players still have not maximized the opportunity and solved the pain points in the industry. In this issue, we have shared with you the story of CareerBuilder who has come up with inventive new products that have taken the foreign markets by the collar and believe that they have spotted a gap in the Indian market.
This edition has another compelling story of Pratul Shroff, CEO of eInfochips, who challenged the odds and moved to India after working in the U.S. for 12 years, currently with a blazing track record serving over 30 billion-dollar enterprises from varied sectors in the industry.

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