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Five Steps to Effective Cloud Planning

Karen Farrell
Thursday, September 8, 2011
Karen Farrell
Jim was debating the architecture of the cloud computing solution for his company. It was clear to him they would need a provisioning engine, a self-service portal, and some mechanism for decommissioning services. But, even before he put pen to graph paper, a few questions were nagging in his mind. Who would all the users of this cloud be? What services would they need — and what options should he provide? How would this cloud interact with his existing systems? Something told him he’d better take a step back and think through these topics before he started drawing.

Constraining and defining the role of cloud computing in your organization is a critical first step before designing and building your cloud. You are going to have many groups associated with the cloud effort — producing it, operating it, and consuming it. Identifying all those who will be impacted, whether they are initially engaged or brought in later, will help prevent surprises along the way for all concerned.

Consider how the cloud will interact with the rest of the data center environment. Are there shared management tools, Security requirements and Compliance rules? Or is your cloud an island? Now think beyond your data center. Will you be leveraging public cloud resources, as well?

As you answer these questions, you will need to define the requirements, outline the different options, identify the costs associated with delivering each option, and create an implementation plan. Key steps to cloud planning include:

a) Discovery and assessment

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