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August - 2014 - issue > 20 Most Promising Business Consultants

FOSTER Management Consultants: The New Management Guru in Brand & Business Augmentation

Kavitha G.
Monday, July 28, 2014
Kavitha G.
From being a virtually unheard-of industry until a few years ago, Management Consulting has gathered steam with growth rates of the industry exceeding 20 percent in the recent past. But there is still a dearth in the count of management consultant firms who commit themselves to provide business expansion in 360°. This potential drawback has become the ground reality creating a huge gap between Indian brands and right consultancy. To bridge this gap, FOSTER Management Consultants steps in with its kit of elixir solutions.

FOSTER is a Bangalore based group of Management Professionals & Experts. The company was founded by industry savvy Vijay Karthik. He came out of the highly bureaucratic corporate domain bracing 10 years of expertise and experience of serving major corporate business houses across India and Asia Pacific Region under varied giant possessions. Incorporating the portfolios, he crafted out FOSTER Management Consultants which deliver a grand expand to the businesses.

However, like other management consulting firms; FOSTER too faced initial challenges to make clients understand the emerging needs of consultancy for the overall expansion of the brand. But their diversified strategies made a difference and paved a way to grow and serve. The company does not only implement 360° full-fledged models in business expansion and management consulting, but also try to aid the woes of the business with the theme of third-person perspective. With an idea of revenue-sharing basis on success ratio, the group helps companies to expand in multi-times. The brand breaks down its business into Corporate Advisory, Business Management & Expansion consulting, and Merger & Acquisition.

Pre-eminently, the company starts with Market research where they reckon and understand a particular region. With the information, they carry out their strategies and understand the statistics specific to the business needs of market, brand & sector. The resulting report helps them to plan the business sculpture which in turn becomes the channel to the Brand's grand success. These services also represent the impeccable primary work of a team of seven specialists who are spread across major metro cities with extensive working experiences across major business verticals. They have built a strong portfolio of clientele of diverse sectors akin Automotive, FMCG, Apparel, Retail, Modern Trade, Media, & Movie makers and others.

With an aim of bringing Tier 2 and Tier 3 companies to the Tier 1 level, the brand FOSTER has solid plans to expand their business across the major tier 2 cities in India and foremost financial cities of globe including Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, France & London and several others. The team looks forward to see FOSTER as one of the most sought after management consulting company in the long run.

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