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Ezeego1.com: Mr. Dependable for Comprehensive Travel Kindred Services

si Team
Thursday, August 25, 2016
si Team
The online voyage marketplace has become the major wedge of Indian e-Commerce arena with its 70 percent handout. Thanks to the day-ahead technologies, the industry does $15 billion business annually combating with the stumbling blocks such as uneven infrastructure and unorganized nature of the fragment of our country. Possessing a decade's heritage, Ezeego1.com is a rare breed in this niche market that proffers a 'one-stop-platform' for all your travel needs. The organization is a boon to our subcontinent's travel space with its vast product range, impeccable services, latest infrastructure and tech-savvy backend; the stanchions that equipped the company to savor a loyal customer base of over one million registered users and three million + unique visitors per month.

Along with its real time information and transaction capability online, the company employs a unique single window platform for end-to-end travel kindred services. Via partnering with various banks, Ezeego1 provides safe & reliable online and offline (through its 21 offline stores) payment options, which help to cater the pan-India customer base that embraces B2C, B2B and B2B2B spheres. The work milieu centered on direct contracting and real time inventory ensures competitive positioning, thus best prices to the Ezeego1 customers.

The Tech-Savvy Engine

"Transparency in service is our key to attain customer loyalty. It is imperative to quickly adopt automation and keep innovating, since the consumers are becoming more tech savvy," asserts Neelu Singh, CEO & Director, Ezeego1.com. Company's process engine is flourished with technology adoption, which nimbly amalgamates Data Convergence, Reputation Management, Mobile Commerce, Digital Transformation and Automation. To achieve a comparative edge in active smartphone revolution, the company has also launched an app with an attractive UI. "Another key factor is personalization. We not only encourage our travellers to blog and write their experiences, but also incentivize them accordingly," adds Neelu.

The travel season itinerary of Ezeego1 is designed only according to the feedback from its past customers. These inputs help the organization to carve fixed tour packages as per the customer expectations and latest trends. The organization wields 'search' as its primary paid medium to explore new customer base, while re-marketing programs and advanced email marketing solutions utilized by the firm retain the users.

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