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July - 2009 - issue > Technology

Exploring Synergy between SOA Cloud Computing

Yogesh Devi
Thursday, July 2, 2009
Yogesh Devi
Cloud computing is at the leading edge of its hype curve. On the other hand, Service oriented architecture (SOA) hype is subsiding. No wonder the other day I actually heard someone’s remark “Looks like cloud computing has stolen the thunder from SOA”. If that refers just to the hype, I might concede some ground however if that refers to inherent value I’d have a different opinion.

In my mind, cloud computing a s a concept complements SOA as an architectural style and I’d rather go on to say that cloud computing is another piece of the enterprise architecture jig saw puzzle which SOA has been part of and will continue to remain so.

This short write-up takes a close look at these two and explores how these two complements each other and rather stand by them selves as competing approaches. The id ea is not to dwell comprehensively either on SOA or on cloud computing but to limit the discussion to comparisons complimentary characteristics, common challenges and synergies between these two technologies.

Since, SOA has been around for a while; it may mean different things to different people based on what perspective they’re looking from. Some look at SOA purely from web-services perspective and m ore of a means of integration using web-services.

Another set of people m ay look at SOA as a comprehensive architectural style, with its roots firmly grounded on principles of enterprise architecture. This notion of SOA is agnostic to technological means employed for delivering services.

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