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February - 2015 - issue > 25 Most Promising Cloud Computing Companies

Expert Solution Technologies:The Rare Gems to Address the Unique Requirement of Online ERP & CRM Integration

Susila Govindaraj
Sunday, February 8, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
With skyrocketing success of subscription model, Microsofts and Intuits of the world are pushing their CRMs and ERPs towards the next big thing: cloud. As convenient as it is for end-users, the burden has fallen on software product development companies.To provide seamless end-to-end solution, they should be able to connect any online cloud ERP with external systems like Order Management systems, Customer Relationship Management Systems, Shopping carts, payment gateway & other home grown custom applications. Expert Solution Technologies (EST), a mid-market API Integration Services Company, is one of the very few companies that are capable of catering to these software providers with sheer specialization in utilizing existing cloud infrastructure integrate online ERPs and CRMs with external systems. Renowned for their expertise in Intuit Partner Platform, Salesforce platform, Amazon AWS and other Cloud Application development and Maintenance, EST leverages its strong proficiency on top U.S.-based cloud application add-on development to provide quintessential yet highly cost-effective offshore services that enable customers to migrate existing desktop-based add-on products to cloud.

EST was founded by techno entrepreneurs Parthasarathy, Nirmala & Radhakrishnan in 2011 when cloud was at its nascence. As several ERPs were in desktop mode,the company was integrating desktop applications with existing systems. Though Indians were mildly concerned about data storage region, over the years the reputable players established cloud's safety. Noticing cloud's rising demand in U.S. & Canada, EST upgraded its niche offering to cloud.After acquiring numerous clients across these countries, the Chennai headquartered company established a satellite office in Toronto and partner office in U.S.

Being a steadily emerging company with 35 people, EST doesn't follow any hierarchy and every ESTian understand their significance. The teams are built around respective ERPs like Salesforce, Intuit or Microsoft rather than around technology. ESTians are sent to those specific ERP / CRM conferences or attending online virtual conferences to further hone their expertise. While this makes the teams to feel comfortable, working with cutting-edge technologies cheers them. ESTians work closely with clients, even when the end-user is subscribing. Thus, being exposed to real-time feedbacks, forums and internal systems of clients in U.S. and Canada highly motivates these employees.

EST's Own Line of Products

Experiencing enormous traction, EST is currently developing products that are integrating one or more cloud based solutions. The company has already sold up to 30 licenses, even though the product is currently in a framework structure. But to be fair, it addresses a very unique requirement of automated integration of Salesforce (front-end customer support) and Microsoft TFS (backend product development); along with EST's professional services including configuration, training, and others. "This product empowers customers to build a flawless second version, as it completely automates time consuming processes including customer support issues tracking, ticket creation for developers and sales update among others. As a software company from India, selling a software product to a software firm in US is a thrill & we go through a stringent evaluation process every time" says Parthasarathy, Partner & CEO, Expert Solution Technologies.Many of the end users of this product are software product companies in North America where companies focus so much on automation, this helps those saves many productive hours.

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