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Entrepreneurship: Sticking to fundamentals!

Saswat Kumar Panda
CEO & MD-Learnitude technologies
Tuesday, January 26, 2016
Saswat Kumar Panda
A lot of times, we are wondering where we are heading towards. Is it just a process we got to take up or has to be naturally built individually? Well, let us try to find an answer. Entrepreneurship is a process of owning losses and profit with equal passion and dedication towards reaching a goal. There have been several theories launched in so many platforms due to dynamic media available for a process one needs to take. But the fundamental of business stays intact- just follow the basics. Sustainability is primary step to focus which converts to growing capability of a team to nurture its business or a product. The basic problem lies in development of a team cultivating the process ahead to grow the idea. Entrepreneurs fall short of team, funds and directions initially which becomes the toughest road map.

A successful team can build wonders, and that is the fundamental to every good outcome in an entrepreneurship. A good team can encourage investors to board in at the right time, develop a good network and focus on specific individual goals collectively resulting in the success. Like every individual, every entrepreneur is different and there has to be a space for every thought process that can generate employment, have a social impact and nurture talents to solve problems in any serving market. I will not hesitate in saying that 90 percent of the events we see around don't help any entrepreneur on real terms & specially a start-up. Networking without a team, process and sustainable business model will fail and just become a score card like social media friends.

While, we see several accelerators, incubators and social enterprises coming forward to help, assist and join the ideas of entrepreneurs today, bringing their confidence to the next level. Still, there are unique issues with a team and individuals which always fails to get answered in the expectation of speed of progress by the world around. A healthy ecosystem between industries, Government and academic houses needs to be built for a vibrant entrepreneurial system. The probability of an entrepreneur to nurture its idea lies in the process the team takes up and the directions for a successful outcome. Again, the sustainability today is not just limited to initial hiccups, but on every phase of growth. Globally, every corner where even a single successful entrepreneur comes up should be connected to the mainstream cities. A major bracket of middle class entrepreneurs migrate like salaried people to tier 1 cities to prosper business when most of the time, it does not necessarily need to be.

It is important that every entrepreneur traverse and develops a unique process without considering individual voices around, rather organize positive thoughts and support available that fits his/her purpose to build the enterprise. Selective attitude in handling the advices, suggestions and ability to risk your decisions does help in building the right learning curve. Perhaps, the global crisis lies in the hype we create around entrepreneurs building pressure to perform beyond their capacity without understanding the individual abilities that can, over the long run manage, generate and create wealth for a greater human sustainability.

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