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Entrepreneur of the Year - 2016

si Team
Friday, February 3, 2017
si Team
"An entrepreneur always searches for a change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity" - Peter Drucker. Nothing else could have summarized the opportunist mind-set of today's young entrepreneurs. Fuelled by the Indian Government's 'Startup India, Stand-Up India' initiative, a large number of angel investors, VC firms and incubators are coming forward to fund & mentor the startups with innovative business models.

Being tech-savvy and head-on with the latest technologies, startup and big time entrepreneurs have dared to take the untrodden path and brainstorm innovative business ideas to bridge an existing gap in the market and led their ventures to taste success and join the elite club of Unicorns in the startup ecosystem. While tasting success as an entrepreneur is one thing, their journey from being a first time entrepreneur, to leading that venture to become a multi-million dollar company or founding multiple startups is not just interesting, but also very resourceful, as every entrepreneur has a unique story of his own which led him to succeed at entrepreneurship.

siliconindia brings to you 'Entrepreneur of the Year - 2016', an archive of such innosvative brains who have brainstormed outstanding business ideas and tasted success at entrepreneurship. A distinguished panel of industry's topmost CIOs, CEOs, VCs and industry experts, including siliconindia's editorial board, did a thorough analysis of their entrepreneurial journey, compared them against industry standards, and shortlisted this listing. This archive intends to not only highlight individuals with out-of-the-world thinking but also serves as a guide with resourceful insights about entrepreneurship.

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