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Empowering Digital India with Data Safety

Abhijit Tannu, Founder & CTO, Seclore
Thursday, October 20, 2016
Abhijit Tannu, Founder & CTO, Seclore
Headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, Seclore is a product company offering Enterprise Digital Rights Management solutions that enable organizations to control the usage of files wherever they go, both within and outside of organizations' boundaries.

In today's digital age, no country can afford to ignore the strategic aspects of digitization. Embracing digitization, especially for a country as young as India, can reap spectacular benefits. The experience of other developing nations clearly shows that increased digitization - e.g. paperless governance - can lead directly to better quality of life and better delivery of public services.

Digital India

The Modi government's 'Digital India' campaign has made all the positive noises so far. However, one aspect of process and information digitization is often ignored - Security. Digitizing data makes it easy to use and share, but it also makes it easy to misuse and leak. While India is attempting to catch up with international norms regarding digitization, the same is yet to be seen for data security and privacy. For example, India still lacks a robust enforcement framework for the Information Technology (IT) Act and other privacy rules.

Regulatory Pressure

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