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May - 2008 - issue > Leadership

Effective Leaders are Transparent

Pravin Desale
Thursday, May 1, 2008
Pravin Desale
Effect of Effective Leaders

I believe that every leader needs to personally grow and acquire new talent as the business and the need of employees too keep on changing. What may be effective in one situation may not be fruitful in another. A leader has to be agile yet effective and should be able to lead from front. My leadership strength lies in the fact that I can mould myself as per my business needs. I also ensure that in every situation I handle the task with full transparency as it makes the task much easier for me as well as my teammates to follow and understand. Transparency also ensures that my team is not overtly dependent on me for their activities. This style has helped me in cutting down project times and increasing revenues per head. A transparent way of management also helps the leader in being more effective in communicating his expectations of the team and also his contribution to the team. This ensures effective delegation and finally helps in effective actions. A leader must be clear while spotting talent, as to who should be groomed into a leader. A little investment in talent can result into pipeline of future leaders who have a clear understanding of business, ability to grow the organization and also grow themselves.

Finally I believe that the best reward a leader can give his team is to let them know how valuable they are for any success. I believe in sharing every employee’s contribution to the company with them. Effective leadership requires proactive involvement and feedback. I ensure that my team gets both from me. I believe a leader is only as successful as his team.

On Leadership and Management Style

For me the three pillars, which represent the essence of my leadership and management style, are:
- Transparency

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