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June - 2010 - issue > STARTUP CITY


Benny Thomas
Thursday, June 3, 2010
Benny Thomas
Today, the issue of climate change is grabbing the headlines like never before and companies around the globe are taking up several measures to improve energy efficiency and manage their carbon emissions. While some firms do it voluntarily, others are driven by emission and energy regulations. In this scenario where controlling energy use and emission is of pivotal importance, the solutions offered by companies like Ecologix could come as a major tool for enterprises to control their emissions.

Ecologix is an Indian startup that is looking to compete with global players by offering a tool that can do more than just analyzing the data pertaining to carbon emissions. Founded by a team that has worked extensively in the energy sector, the solution offered by Ecologix is aimed at helping companies to analyze their carbon footprint and optimize their processes to reduce it. The scenario analysis tool that also comes with the software can help companies to overcome future challenges related to the carbon emissions.

OFFICES: Bangalore with offices in Houston and Dallas

FOUNDED: July 2008

Dr. Rajesh Nair, Founder and MD

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