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EXIM Consultants: Omnipresent Consultants & Experienced Faculties

Susila Govindaraj
Monday, July 28, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
Most organizations naively fritter away hefty amount of money in customs procedures; whereas few organizations deliberately commit mistakes to avoid expenditure but get humiliated during audit. It is mainly due to the dearth of an organized system of consulting or teaching regarding Customs Act which governs 200 other acts. Holding clients' hands throughout the maze of customs and attaining deserved prize to clients is EXIM Consultants, a premier export and import consultancy organization. The Chennai-based company was founded in 1983 by Subramaniyam, a customs official. Since all the executive consultants of EXIM have acquired extensive experience from revenue department, they lead their clients with a pragmatic approach.

Amidst other firms who just argue the cases, EXIM goes an extra mile by not only steadying their client with advice about options and obligations but also omnipresent right from appearing before tribunals & departmental proceedings on behalf of their clients until benefits are realized. Such dedication has led them to expand their services portfolio into a substantial catalogue including customs classification & rate of duty, assistance in clearance through customs, classification disputes, finalization of assessment, choice of schemes, cancellation of bond & BG at customs, baggage cases, export house activities, special economic zone units and other import and export trade control matters. "We also offer tailor-made training to public as well as in-house training to organizations involved in Export & Import trade to their convenience," says R.R. Padmanabhan, Principal Consultant, EXIM Consultants. EXIM ensures the quality of academy by organizing workshops and seminars to disseminate knowledge from EXIM professionals who have years of experience and wisdom.

A client engagement is taken into account only after setting three crucial objectives namely income enhancement, cost cutting and regulatory compliance. The company begins with perusing Customs Act and foreign trade policy to enhance clients' profit by 3 to 5 percent, without lifting an eyelid. By appropriately utilizing the exemptions akin to area based and merit based exemptions in the right time, they reduce the payments of duty cost. Most MNCs setting up their shop in India grapple with transfer pricing and valuation issues. Since, they are unaware of the fact that by satisfying one of the eight conditions in valuation rule, they can be in the ambit of it. They are penalized with extra 5 percent duty deposit. EXIM avoids it by proactively educating their MNC clients.

Apart from customs, EXIM also goes through Companies Act for MNCs who try to setup their shop in India. The company aids MNCs by providing Indian solution right from the initial formation of the subsidiary in India. Philips India, CANALAIR air solutions of Italy, Argo Hytos of Germany are a few of their clients who leveraged the services of EXIM. The company is also the advisor to Tamil Nadu Electricity Board, Tamil Nadu News Print and Autotech Industries. Due to lack of customs knowledge, clients often have mismatched expectations. EXIM educates them thoroughly and straightforwardly to clarify their perceptions, new areas of consultancy being developed or free trade agreements and legal issues in startup funding. Currently the company has clients across India in all metros with offices in Chennai and Coimbatore. In coming 3 years, they aim to expand vigorously and cover 8 more southern cities and spread across Singapore and Dubai.

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