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EONE Technologies: Bridging Demand Supply Gap in BPM

si Team
Wednesday, October 12, 2016
si Team
Organizations' habit of spending hefty money towards infrastructure and ERP has become as obsolete as the floppy discs of the bygone decade. Nowadays, the focus of client organizations has shifted towards Business Process Management (BPM), as it helps them to improve sales and decrease operational inefficiencies. As a result, the demand for BPM professionals is at an all time high and is only expected to grow multi-fold for the next five to ten years. However, BPM skills are predominantly built by large IT companies, who are the partners of the BPM product vendors, catering largely to their corporate level resource ramp up plans leading to increased demand supply gap thus straining the existing project resources. Tragically, many BPM projects are suffering or failing, largely owing to other (non-people) reasons and thus further fuelling the demand for right people.

Think BPM, Think EONE

Sourcing has always been seen as generalised organization function rather specialised project function and thus independent birth of staffing companies and IT Technology services companies. While an IT Technology Services company can understand the technology it fails to build sourcing capabilities especially in niche skill areas like BPM. On the other hand a staffing company tries to source and head hunt but unable to DO IT RIGHT as they lack the technical knowhow. This is where EONE Technologies differentiates itself with its creative consumer centric online market place and technology centric BPM recruitment platform and its HUGE SOCIAL presence. This Chennai-based company was established in 2014 by Megavarnan Govindaswamy - a BPM connoisseur who has held diverse positions in the industry for 20+ years (the latest being BU Head of Tech Mahindra) - and his wife. In a time when organizations had no choice but to pay a dismal amount of money to staffing companies that merely share the profiles they've downloaded from jobsites, EONE flabbergasted them with high-quality profiles, leveraging the huge database of BPM community network that Megavarnan built over the years.

This facilitated this startup to garner many of India's top IT organizations as its clients in a miniscule period of 12 months. EONE didn't stop there. Convoluting the connections of 2500+ professionals in Facebook (Eone Tech Architect), 15000+ in LinkedIn and 1500+ WhatsApp group members, the company created revisitrules.com as a platform to enable knowledge exchange amongst the BPM community. Without ANY marketing endeavours, this marketplace is emerging into a de facto for clearing any doubts around BPM technologies. Having already garnered 500+ registered website users, this NASSCOM and TiE member further targets to expand revisitrules.com into a learn-assess-improve platform, that would enable BPM professionals to improve their proficiency and land into their dream jobs.

To protect IT organizations from on-boarding the wrong people in their BPM projects, EONE is building a disruptive recruitment platform called LadderPLUS, that integrates biometric authentication, technical evaluations, writepad and multiple interview conferencing solutions. With this techno-driven platform, organizations can reduce their recruitment cycle by more than 100% and increase their selection rate by more than 500 percent. "Our platforms add value to our staffing services, staffing service adds value to mentoring, and mentoring adds value to building practice, and my practice people are adding value to platforms. It's a positive cycle, where all our offerings complement each other and complementing the BPM community and the industry," unravels Megavarnan.
Thanks to his strong relationships, as a startup founder, Megavarnan neither faced the typical challenges of recruiting the right staff and acquiring clients, nor had to worry about infrastructure, as he partnered and leveraged the innovative Second Generation Outsourcing model of his ex-bosses, and delivered the project to rave reviews. With this first success, megavarnan started building conservative service offerings successfully in the BPM space including platform products, permanent staffing, contract staffing and mentoring.

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