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November - 2009 - issue > Top 25 Most Promising E-Commerce Companies

E-Billing Solutions: A Safer Path to Online Transactions

Benny Thomas
Tuesday, November 3, 2009
Benny Thomas
Today with the reach of internet spreading to every corner of the globe, e-commerce has become an attractive option to traditional organizations to do business. Since mid 1990 traditional traders followed large computer manufacturers to step into the new sphere and today a person can buy practically anything on the internet, from a bunch of roses to a luxury car. The only exception seems to be a trip to Moon!

However, security has been a serious concern for the e-commerce websites or merchants, given that they have emerged as a preferred target of cyber crooks. In such a scenario, companies like E-Billing Solutions (EBS) play a crucial role by providing solutions, which have become a necessity for the merchants. Apart from security, EBS also provides services, which act as a liaison between merchants and banks.

EBS was incorporated in 2005 by Nishanth Chandran and Prabhuram, who came together to offer a comprehensive and easy solution for the e-commerce industry. The company’s foundation was supported by Kanu Bhai Shah, who funded the Mumbai-based company. “Looking at the growth of the credit card market, I realized that the future belongs to plastic money, hence I wanted to be in the business,” said Shah, Chairman and Managing Director of EBS. Shah’s son Rajiv, who is the Executive Director of EBS wanted to diversify their family business, so even he influenced his father to enter the e-commerce space.

Shah who was a civil engineer met the co-founders when they were searching for space to set up their office in Mumbai. With the technical expertise of Chandran and Prabhuram, the former civil engineer got the right opportunity to enter the market through the online route.

After a lot of research, the company developed its solution called TranSafe and unveiled it in June this year. It works as a pre- screening solution for screening transactions, which in turn helps merchants to successfully filter the frauds and allows them to complete transactions safely. The solution is based on the SAAS (Software as a Service) model, which works with any payment gateway independently with a simple integration process.

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