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Dynamic Netsoft Technologies: Being the Numero Uno in Microsoft Dynamics Space

Susila Govindaraj
Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
Having an unwavering drive to improve the business operation by way of a well-defined business processes and systems for customers around the Gulf; Sirajudeen Ismail founded Dynamic Netsoft Technologies in the year 2010 in Chennai. Sirajudeen holds over 17 years of experience in business, finance and ERP and has a passion to define business process and implementing business solutions to help other business owners get the support they need and a good RoI.

The IT consulting firm currently delivers innovative and scalable business solutions to help customers reduce costs, increase revenue and gain competitive advantage through technology. Today, Dynamic Netsoft is known as one of the top three and trusted partner for Microsoft Dynamics market in Saudi Arabia. "We want to be the numero uno in Saudi and Gulf market initially and moving on to become one of the top five in global market," says Sirajudeen Ismail, CEO, Dynamic Netsoft. They specialize in providing vertical solutions in Microsoft Dynamics AX Real Estate, Construction and Investment sectors.

However, the company experienced setbacks and challenges in the initial days as it competed with the biggies of the space. Soon after realizing that only way out is to gain customers' satisfaction and trust, Dynamic Netsoft detailed itself in providing the best and high quality services with timely delivery along with value addition. Today each solution they provide - Microsoft Dynamic Solutions, technology consulting, business consulting and strategic staffing that specializes in ERP implementation, custom application development and integration solutions, and networking and infrastructure services - is efficient enough to handle the ever changing needs of customers demand of handing their business processes and requirements. They have upgraded and enhanced their solutions to meet customer needs and serves clients including Eurofins India, Asala Holding, and Metwelly Steel Products company among many more.

With the launch of Dynamics AX2013 in the recent time, Microsoft has set itself as one of the top two ERP solution providers. With advancement in software features, adaptability of resources to the new features is becoming a challenge. Hence, to overcome the product adoption, Dynamic Netsoft has opened in-house training facility to train from freshers to the advanced users. "With a blend of offshore and onsite services with the operations in India, Saudi Arabia and Canada, we have increased our customer base three fold and achieved a revenue growth of over 300 percent comparing to the first year," adds a proud Sirajudeen.

The company still continues to invest in their products for new features and enhancements along with their employees to keep them up-to-date with the latest technology developments. By leveraging their best in class solutions/services in business consulting and Microsoft Dynamics, Dynamic Netsoft seek to further penetrate its solutions into new markets by way of expanding through enhanced presence in India, North America and Europe. The company will also partner with ERP implementation partners globally to resell their products.
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