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Driving Effective Online Business, With Optimum Results

Monday, December 9, 2013
With the Digital Marketing space transforming into a competitive asset in India, the Marketing Leaders are making sure that they are not left behind. There is a definite transition in the mind-sets, as entrepreneurs have started to see the digital space, as something more than just a point of sales. Instead of waiting for immediate ROI, which is next to impossible under any digital marketing campaign, these entrepreneurs are vying for long-term goals, as the far-out benefits are huge.

PageTraffic, is one such digital marketing agency, which strives to make its clients understand the pace of online marketing campaigns, and encourages them to treat it as an asset and a long-term investment. Started as an SEO company in 2002, PageTraffic has come a long way into the digital marketing services, by building websites and providing comprehensive strategies to help clients excel in their business. Through working with over 1500 clients across India, North America, Europe and Australia, the company has gained worldwide recognition and has 5 global offices located in New Delhi, Chicago, London, Noida and Mumbai.

Navneet Kaushal, the CEO of PageTraffic, is a trusted authority in search marketing industry. With an MBA degree, Kaushal ventured into the vast area of Internet in the late 90's and dived into the complex sea of algorithms and search optimization, just as Google launched its first search engine. "The search landscape changed really fast after the launch of Google. By the time I graduated, I was already developing and managing websites for many clients," says Kaushal, who apart from his enthusiastic involvement in his company's success, is also an avid blogger and a die hard Xbox player.

Kaushal believes that the biggest challenge he faced during the initial stages of PageTraffic was hiring and training the workforce. "Since there was no proper entrepreneur ecosystem which we see today, I decided to start my own company with a mix of trial and error judgments," says Kaushal. Thus he began setting up apt processes and guidelines around strict quality controls and today, the company has evolved progressively in terms of quality and measurable reporting criteria.

PageTraffic started with the mission to provide a global identity to SMEs as customers were already familiar with the big brands. "It is the small and medium names that needed attention. We believe that no two businesses are same and hence our approach towards every campaign is truly based on the requirements of the client. We spend time in understanding the nature of client's business and identifying the strong as well as weak points, where focus needs to be intensified. And it is this extensive study that helps us in identifying new online opportunities for our client," he says.

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