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July - 2011 - issue > Editor's Desk

Drive Your Apps

Christo Jacob
Friday, July 1, 2011
Christo Jacob
When Angry Bird App surged its download within a short span of its launch, the inventor- Rovio Mobile was creating buzz in the mobile app industry. But, on the other side, there were silent spectators observing the impact of mobile apps and they were interpreting to use it to maximize the market potential at a lower cost.

I am talking about the Automobile honchos, who continue to bring innovation in their cars. Automobile manufacturers today are on the race to emerge as fore runners in developing innovative mobile apps to make their cars smarter. Moreover, they are now coming up with ideas like operating their cars through the smartphone and have started imagining to be connected to their car like never before. Just how Google with the Android platform disrupted the mobile app market; looks like the automobile honchos thinking of disrupting the automobile market in a similar approach.

To achieve this, the Automobile honchos are now in a rat race to beef up their technology staff as more drivers seek to use mobile-phone software applications such as Internet radio and voice commands in their vehicles. Hence they are hiring best of brains in the mobile app development and building a separate team for the same. Few years back, only premium car buyers had demands for premium features. and technology is increasingly factoring into purchase decisions in this segment. But today, the demand is widening not only amongst the premium brands but in others too. Consumers need an app that will allow drivers to check battery charging status, fuel-economy history, and even remind drivers to plug-in their vehicle when it needs charging and more. Realizing this opportunity Nissan, Ford, General Motors are betting high on Mobile Applications.

Till now the mobile developers who developed apps had been able to get only 30 percent of the revenue from an App store. But, with the auto industry opening up new avenues for mobile app developers, this is a blessing in disguise, and will further fuel the demand for mobile app developers. Moreover standardization of a platform for the automobiles will further leverage app developers to build innovative applications, making your cruiser feature equipped. The day it happens I can see the return of technologies that were once the subject of sci-fi movies but now becoming a reality for the common man.

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