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Dotmach: Work Together, Better!

Rachita Sharma
Monday, December 9, 2013
Rachita Sharma
In today's fast paced world, a company's various resources are either on the move or scattered across different locations making administration of work flow and team management a rather tough task for enterprises. It is an uphill battle to manage a team, allocate them tasks, content sharing, and internal communication. The market has several single point solutions such as a simple task manager or an enterprise social network which cannot solve the entire task management issue. On the other hand, there are certain complex and expensive applications that are cumbersome and require months to be implemented and to train the workforce to make use of them. The market lacked a single solution that was easy to use encompassing all the required features.

Realising this huge gap in the industry Farooq A Rahim, along with his talented team at Cloudion Technology Services built Dotmach. It is a unified application that helps to improve internal communication and team collaboration in a company in an effortless fashion to ultimately bring an enterprise’s teams, content, tasks and strategies together to a single place. "Even we faced several challenges to manage the workflow during our last venture. So we thought about taking up this issue," says Rahim.

Cloudion is a highly innovative new generation company focused on developing and delivering enterprise class, Software as service applications. Dotmach is the first step of Cloudion to improve task management for companies. It is a simple cloud based communication application that was built after numerous discussions and brainstorming sessions.

Overcoming Hurdles

There is a general misconception in the global market that Indian product companies cannot compete with the ones from the west in terms of quality. This is always a primary challenge faced by any Indian product startup and Dotmach faced the same. However the company tackled this issue by offering its initial customers with freemium plans so as to showcase their quality first hand. "The response from the clients clearly says that they are well satisfied with the product quality offered by Dotmach," adds Rahim. The innovative product also helped the company find a place amongst the prestigious Tech 30 promising start-ups.

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