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Dotcom era gradually fades with a new revolution

ST Team
Tuesday, July 5, 2011
ST Team
It is needless to emphasize on the growing trends of the internet industry. Every year we see a new revolution taking place in this domain. This year has sprung up with a new concept that focuses on the website addresses that end in words like “. Bank,” “.Vegas,” and several other words. The Internet is now gearing up to enter into a new dimension to an endless selection of new websites suffixes, and would also be available in various scripts like Chinese, Arabic and many others. Such lead will completely bring a transformation in the domain name system since its creation in the year 1980s.

There are more than 300 country code domain suffixes like “.uk”, “.in” and more. The industry now plans to cover every single domain ranging from geography to industry to ethnicity. It plans to provide several such suffixes that have all these domain covered. There has been a demand for an expansion because all the most desirable “.com” addresses have been in use. There are more than 94 million registered under ".com."

The industry has placed its plan before the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) which has given a green signal to include virtually anything as a domain suffix instead of the current 22 listed domain suffixes. This concept of new domains is likely to appear late next year. But this initiative may witness certain hurdles in its launch. It could be confusing for the users to navigate through unfamiliar labels and not to forget the search engine which is the commonly used tool by the users to seek their information. The concept needs to be created keeping these issues in focus since many people do not pay attention to the website addresses, commented Daniel Sullivan, Editor of Search Engine Land.

Organizations that incorporate the new suffixes will be able to collect registration fees from websites that want names. The fees could add up to millions of dollars a year if a website is popular enough. Pat Kane, SVP, VeriSign believes this new domain offers fresh branding possibilities for companies to identify themselves online in a very relevant and localized fashion.

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