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July - 2007 - issue > Tech Marketing

Document Management, a Promising Niche Business

Michael Paulraj
Monday, July 2, 2007
Michael Paulraj
Xerox Global Business’ main thrust area is manufacturing printers and accessories. Now, its document outsourcing services have grown to contribute somewhere between twenty to twenty five percent of the company’s revenue. The document services is a global business with customers in Europe, the USA, and many other countries.

The company has a clear view of what business enterprises need for handling the data that go on the documents that are printed periodically as also for printing. Xerox helps organizations utilize their resources optimally by simplifying the business processes.

“India is supposedly the most cost-conscious country. We do budgeting for everything—manpower, IT infrastructure, buildings, furniture and fixtures, everything figures in the budget. But it is only unfortunate that there is a certain amount of ignorance about the money spent on documentation and printing. People in most enterprises throw a blank stare when you ask whether they have a budget for documenting,” says Ravi Venkatraman, Director, Xerox Global Services, Xerox India.

In most organizations, the administration, finance and marketing teams work in independent silos without any interlinking. Each of them is unaware of how much documentation takes place in the others’ area. No proper planning goes into documentation.

A market research by IDC shows that on an average, an organization spends about three to five per cent of its revenue in managing the document output devices and document production. A company with a budget of 500 crore rupees can save about three to four and a half crore rupees by outsourcing its documentation.

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