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Digital Vidya Camp: How to leverage social networks’ potential for businesses

Hari Anil
Thursday, January 6, 2011
Hari Anil
Based on expert opinion social networks are the next big things in the business world. In the U.S. companies have already realized this and the social networks are spreading in the business world like wild fire, but Indian companies are still shy. Indian companies for some reason try not to mix social networks and business, and as a result are not leveraging the huge potential of the medium effectively. Pradeep Chopra, Co-founder of Digital Vidya, and his team took this as their milieu when they organized their event on Social Media Marketing. “In India, people have still not understood the power of social media and that’s where the opportunity is,” said Chopra.

What is Social Media Marketing? Why do we need to have social media marketing? How can it help us to improve the business? What should be the approach and what are the ways it can be structured? These are the normal set of questions that arises into one’s mind and the camp proved to be an opportunity to get these questions answered. It also provided the attendees with an opportunity to be the early player to leverage the advantage of social marketing media and also gave them an understanding on which channel one have to select to engage more on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other platform, and the different ways to strategize the marketing campaign.

The speakers in the camp included Pradeep Chopra, Manas Garg, Associate Architect at Yahoo!, Jessie Paul, CEO - Paul Writer Author of No Money Marketing, and Gaurav Dublish, Director, Wildcraft India.
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