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DigiStreet Media: Re-mapping the Digital Frontier

Kanak Prabha
Thursday, April 9, 2015
Kanak Prabha
The prefix: www (World Wide Web) developed by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 1989, has intruded into every aspect of our lives today and has completely transformed our very way of living and interacting. Not only has it opened a vast untapped reservoir of information and entertainment, but has also introduced uncharted avenues into the field of marketing. And riding at the head of the curve is DigiStreet Media, which connotes www not as the acronym we know of, but as their very implementation strategy: Wise Web Walk.

A metaphorical toddler in the world of advertising, DigiStreet learnt how to walk, rather run with astounding quickness. And today, the agency has climbed up a considerable number of rungs on the ladder to success, overtaking many of the fore-runners in this highly competitive arena of digital marketing. While the agency primarily excels in deliverables that involve Creative Communication, Social Media, e-Commerce solution, SEO, Website, Mobile Application and everything else under the digital sky, DigiStreet Media team members has also forayed into the pastures of offline media, leaving no stones unturned in furthering the radical growth of the agency itself.

According to Darpan Sharma, Director Business & Strategy, DigiStreet, "It is the extensive background research and creative brainstorming that become the bricks and mortar for building that sound strategy which the clients are enticed to approve of. Digital Marketing is, putting it plainly: cost effective, has comparatively more scope of innovation and most of all is scalable to a degree unimagined by any other media previously". In an arena constantly getting filled with more and more players who aren't afraid to step on their competitors heads to get to the top, the digital media has provided an even ground where every player gets to gauge their own success with concrete accuracy and a cleaner gameplay.

Before the advent of the digital age, you couldn't put a number to your advertising's reach and consequent success to your target audience with absolute certainty. But Digital Advertising has an answer to all those qualms and offers solutions beyond what was previously thought uncertain. Not only is the digital frontier vastly cost reducing but also seeds content and information directly to the client's target audience. Moreover, the client can monitor the reach of their content and growth of their enterprise through the refined tools courtesy of the Certified Google Analytics team at DigiStreet. Digital Marketing cuts down the recall factor to almost nil, as interested parties can simply click on the content to know more, making the digital solution a more potent dosage to inject your target audience with and a 'Must Have' if you are thinking of venturing into the muck of advertising.

DigiStreet Media with its A-listed client portfolio, Rohto Pharma India, Godfather Beer, Kairali Spa and Mitsubishi India, TK Sports, Oxolloxo to name a few, is breaking new grounds and scaling new heights with it's team of driven, tireless and (strictly) young employees who have got what it takes to change the dynamisms of the creative paradigm. As Kavish Arora, Digital Head, DigiStreet argues the fact, "Digital Advertising and Social Media was conceived and born almost right alongside our own generation, and DigiStreet Media shouldered by a young brigade understands and adapts to technological innovations much more quickly than our age old competitors. Unlike the respected elders of advertising who stick to their preconceived notions wrapped in a cocoon of arrogance and self-devotion, we as an agency and as individuals embrace the inventiveness and evolution of ideas, stretching the boundaries of our creativity constantly".

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