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Departmental Collaboration to Manage Attrition

ST Team
Tuesday, October 31, 2006
ST Team
Rachna Patel, Senior Manager-HR LogicaCMG

The HR is not the only one responsible for the company’s attrition. In a manpower centric industry, it is only fair that the employees are taken care of by the combined efforts of the unit heads. They have a share of responsibility in this voluminous task. We have a program known as the Staff Manager Concept, wherein we try and put mentorship practices to effect. Here, every new employee is put under the wings of a senior.

These ‘Staff Mangers’ are completely responsible for them till they either shift departments or leave the company. Each manager would have a maximum of 15- 20 members in his team and be responsible for his professional growth and also be aware of his personal comfort in the organization.

These staff managers are also responsible for improving shortcomings in the organization from an employee’s point of view. For example, if a candidate is leaving the company for more money, we normally don’t encourage him to stay back. But in specific cases, for the employees’ aspirations, the staff manager tries to place them in better projects, provide them with advanced training sessions and support certification courses such as SAP, MCSC and Microsoft for their career growth.

This way there is more involvement for an employee in the organization and when he decides to leave, he would have to get through all these people. That tightens attrition considerably.

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