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DelCure LifeSciences: A Brand that Echoes Innovation & Quality

si Team
Tuesday, January 26, 2016
si Team
The radical economic growth coupled with improved healthcare scenarios seems to portend well for the Indian pharmaceutical industry. According to a recent report by Equity Master,the upbeat growth is majorly fueled by branded generics domain which constitutes nearly 70 to 80 percent of the market, Indian generics accounting for 20 percent of global exports in terms of volume. Amongst the staggering number of branded formulations providers who are striving to proffer a better care and cure through their innovative, yet affordable elixirs, DelCure LifeSciences Limited (DLL) is a name worth mentioning.

"The name DelCure is portmanteau of mathematical operator 'Del' (which is used to abstractthe arithmetic complexity), and Cure; Delcure's mission is to bridge the gap between the needs to the patients and demand, thereby reducing complexity for better patient care and cure," expounds Prashant Kumar Pathak, CEO & MD, DLL. The unrelenting force behind DLL, Prashant brings with him the proficiencies of establishing transformational, profitable, sustained business results and enhancing market share. Spearheaded by such magnificent persona, the two-year young company has already carved its strong presence through its melange of high quality elixirs and reportedly holds an envious distinction of being crowned one amongst the top 12 companies of India in various genres of industry that the company serves.

The Success Portfolio

"We strongly believe in promoting the purpose of Happiness with our products and services, creating the culture of Helpfulness through ensuring our purpose of providing quality products & Value of Truthfulness," asserts Prashant. With the same belief as a springboard for its brand value to soar higher, DLL forayed into the industry with two major specialties - Paediatrics and Orthopaedicians, endeavoring towards filling the existing gaps in the therapeutic sub-segments of Orthopaedic, Paediatric Respiratory, Otologicals, Nutrition and Dermatology.

Born with an aim to bring differentiated high quality products to the fore, the full-scale pharmaceutical solutions enabler leverages a technology portfolio that consists of revolutionary breakthroughs like Fast Absol, which backs the company in devising superior patient compliance, and Sportine, while it is also the proud proprietor of Delpocal, Bubby, Moga and such other first-time-introductions in India. The company has also partnered with multiple discovery and research companies that are footed in U.S., Sweden, Germany and other European countries for in-licensing products.

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