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D2E Consulting: Maximizing Client's Revenue with Unique Offshore Outsourcing Framework

si Team
Wednesday, October 12, 2016
si Team
The seed of being an Outsourcing entrepreneur was sowed for Arup Gupta when in between 1999-2005 offshore outsourcing for Wall Street companies took off rapidly. Arup, the then president of TCS-North America, was a part of the whole story. Having been involved in outsourcing domain for 20 years, he realized that the customer's thinking behind outsourcing will undergo a radical change with customers in future, looking for specialty vendors, rather than large generalist vendors. This rationale got further validated as Gartner announced its Bimodal IT architecture. Arup also believed that the ethical issues associated with offshore outsourcing can be managed much better centrally over an Aggregator platform. Arup further realized that in the current business scenario, customers are struggling to find the right vendor, who can fully comprehend their business requirement and the technology direction by engaging the right onsite program management team.

With the aim of solving these issues, D2E was born in 2012. Powered by the immense knowledge & expertise of the management team, D2E established a strong relationship with its US partner Affinity Inc., who serves sophisticated clients such as Abott, Harley Davidson and many other Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. To serve its clients in the US and the UK, D2E developed an ecosystem of Client Service Partners possessing expertise in strategic advisory and program management for Fortune 500 companies. In D2E's unique model, the customer signs contract with its U.S. Partner Affinity Inc. to reach the super specialty Delivery Partner network in India. The company has now been able to start onsite engagement with ten Fortune 500 companies this year, through its US partner Affinity Inc.

Uniqueness in Planning Through Delivery

Typical outsourcing initiatives demand a process of short listing vendors and a cumbersome process of vendor selection by the customer. The customer also needs to program manage the engagement. In case of engagement failure, organizations have to go through the nightmare of vendor replacement. Such issues are eliminated in D2E's Aggregator Model, where each Delivery Partner is selected after careful assessment and deep personal relationship is established at CXO level. Holding a large partner network of specialty vendors in specific industry and technology, the company easily seeks the help of specific partners relevant to client's need. The current network partners in D2E ecosystem caters to both delivery modes of Gartner's Bimodal IT Architecture. Onsite Program management is provided by its U.S. based Partner Affinity Inc. D2E thus provides a readymade platform for offshore outsourcing, with the customer simply having to post their project requirements in its website.

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