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Cyber Law Consulting: Astounding Clients with the Best of both Legal &Technological Worlds

Susila Govindaraj
Thursday, December 11, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
With them assive influx of technological opportunities akin to cloud computing,Indian cyber crime scenario has drastically transformed from rarely malicious attacks to serious crimes, which are further complicated with jurisdiction issues in digital world.Tackling the challenges and unfurling the potential opportunities in such evolved space requires a pure genius, who is not only an expert in legal world but also a savvy in technology. Astounding clients with such best of both worlds knack is Adv. Prashant Mali, legendary Cyber Law Expert, Privacy Law, Cyber Security & IPR Attorney.

Cyber Law Consulting (CLC), an award-winning premier cyber law firm, is his brain child that has earned a stellar reputation for its confidentiality, on-time quality service and technicality.Having dual Master degree in Computer Science & Law,work experience and innumerable certifications in both legal and IT fields enable Prashant to successfully unearth various high-value financial,credit card, online and telecom frauds and handle complicated Cyber Law and Copyright cases. This thought leader and renowned charismatic international speaker has shared such hard-earned insights by not only authoring 5 books, but also through all leading magazines, newspapers and television channels in India as well as at Oxford University.

Pioneering Services from Techno-Legal Experts

CLC's techno-legal expertise is manifest in all their pioneering services including cyber security, forensics, media &entertainment, IPR, e-Drafting, privacy law, IT Act compliance for organizations & websites, drafting national & international notices, agreements and contracts & covenants and trade mark & copyright registration. The Mumbai-based firm founded in 2002 has several lead consultants who leverage their 25 plus years of experience and numerous certifications to proffer litigation support and expert opinion, while CLC's proficient Legal Consultants & Associate Partners work on software piracy, data theft, e-Commerce, online & Facebook abuse and fraud related cases with flare.

"We are not only keen on hiring techno-legal savvies, but also keep them abreast with latest technologies with rigorous training. Having over 20 Lawyers & Technical Associates, we efficiently investigate and aid individuals and corporates to lodge police complaints," says Prashant Mali, President, Cyber Law Consulting. Prashanthas a reputation for remaining humble and patient with clients, while competently handling landmark cases like 'Rita Basu Case' and many landmark acquittals & orders, since awards like Best Cyber Lawyer of the Year by Indian National Bar Association and Infosec Maestros Special Achievement Award for Excellence in Cyber Law speak for him.

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