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By Pallavi Rao, India HR Manager, ARM India
Friday, June 5, 2015
By Pallavi Rao, India HR Manager, ARM India
ARM Holdings (NASDAQ: ARMH; LSE: ARM) is a semiconductor and software design company. Headquartered in Cambridge, England, the company has a current market capitalization of $24.67 billion.

Some of the key HR trends that we will see more of in the days to come:

  • Technology & its Impact on HR – We are increasingly becoming more and more mobile and connected in our lives. This has its impact at the work place as well. We will see technology play a much bigger role in how it enables the different people processes and practices in the organization. The shift will be towards making information and data available real time, at the employee's fingertips. The impact of technology will also be felt in making people processes more streamlined, transparent and effective across the organization irrespective of geographical boundaries. Technology will also play a key role in being able to attract and retain great talent. Given the impact that social media and networking has in our lives today, these will play a strong role in attracting, retaining and motivating the best talent

  • Becoming more Global & 'Glocal' – Companies and its operations are no longer being defined or limited by geographical and physical boundaries. Advancement in technology has meant a more connected and global work force. With this we are increasingly seeing roles and responsibilities becoming more global in nature, played by individuals with the right capabilities irrespective of the location/region that they may be in. Also, while becoming global we will also see the shift to tweaking and customizing processes and practices to suit local requirements thereby making it what is now being called 'glocal' practices

  • Agile Performance Management Practices – We will see companies move away from conventional performance management practices and get to having more agile performance management systems. The philosophy here will be centered on managers and employees having the right conversations at the right time, augmented by the right feedback. They will increasingly provide managers and leaders the flexibility and discretion to tailor performance management solutions most impactful and relevant for their teams

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