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September - 2011 - issue > Anniversary Special

Critical Success Factors for Indian Companies Operation Globally

Sanjiv Sidhu
Chairman & Co-founder-o9 Solutions
Thursday, September 1, 2011
Sanjiv Sidhu
Over the last two decades, as ex-CEO and Founder of i2 Technologies, a public company, and currently as Chairman of o9 Solutions, I have worked with executives at many Global 1000 companies. I would like to share my thoughts on the big opportunities Indian companies have to build market share on a global scale.

Rapid economic growth in the last twenty years has made India an important player in international markets. Foreign corporations have made capital and human investments to gain a share in the lucrative Indian market, positioning themselves for long-term success. The next twenty years will see the wheel turn in the opposite direction.

Like their foreign counterparts, Indian companies seek to spread their wings on the international stage. What will propel these Indian companies — exporters, services outsourcing companies operating globally, and companies trying to establish local operations globally — to quicker and greater success?

Talent Pool

At i2, I worked with some of the largest Indian corporations helping them build and deploy business solutions. What impressed me most is the management team. It is comparable to or better than many of their global counterparts, and is driven by a hyper-competitive environment that requires consistently outstanding performance to progress along the management ladder.

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