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Creative Synergies Group: Transforming Engineering Services Landscape

si Team
Monday, May 30, 2016
si Team
Engineering Services Outsourcing (ESO) market is red hot at present. ESO allows organizations to focus on their core activities, reduce project time lines, lower labor cost, magnify quality and enhance profitability. In such a scenario, Engineering Services partners are expected to ramp-up quickly as new products and programs are launched. With a relentless focus to provide substantial value to global companies and create high quality jobs for engineers around the world, Creative Synergies Group (CSG) infiltrated into this market in 2012. Pioneer in engineering services industry for over 25 years, Dr. Mukesh V Gandhi, Founder & CEO, CSG says, "It is very exciting and gratifying to grow at a fantastic pace. We have exceeded all expectations". Proudly stating a 95 percent of customer retention, the company can also boast of a 4.75/5 rating in CSAT scores from 95 percent of its customers.

Unlike IT Outsourcing, ESO projects are live and mission critical where every customer has unique internal processes. Hence, lack of requisite domain expertise may end up in failure of ESO. CSG's domain expertise, proprietary tools and processes, effective communication across the globe, hands-on experience and a proven track record have paved its way to become an ace player in Americas, Europe and APAC regions.Its deep expertise in the engineering domain and immense knowledge base have tagged the company as the leader in the adoption of new Digital Product Development, Digital Manufacturing and Digital Plant Engineering platforms.

Dispensing High Quality Deliverables

Overcoming the preparatory hiccups of setting up infrastructure, recruitment, developing global delivery process and acquiring new customers, CSG has witnessed a tremendous growth surge in recent times. Partnered with blue chip Fortune 500 companies, this domain focused vendor offers services with high quality deliverables coupled with significant cost savings and swift delivery. The purely engineering focused company's 700+ employees are conjoined together in delivering high value engineering services to Fortune 500 companies with a passion and commitment to consistently exceed customer expectations. "With our proven track-record, we are able to guide customers along a smooth and de-risked outsourcing trajectory to ensure successful implementation of their ESO strategies," says Dr. Gandhi.

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