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Creativ Era's Initio - Manage Your Organization's Details Online

Pragyan Acharya
Monday, July 5, 2010
Pragyan Acharya
Nidhi Tulssyan, CEO of Creativ Era’s, has just a two months course in web designing credited to her technical education background. During a casual conversation with one of her client, she learnt that, it’s difficult to keep track of the fees paid in installments by students, manually. She could not resist the idea of facilitating such institutions with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system which can integrate all data and processes of an institution into a unified system, facilitating proper flow of information.

Initio is a comprehensive Education Information Management Software, designed for universities, colleges, schools and other educational institutions to streamline their entire organization and functioning and is based on software as a service (SaaS) model. It will maintain the details of each student right from their admission to the payment of fees and other such details by helping the academic institutions to automate their administrative processes. The software currently has 12 modules with many more coming up.

Though there have been many ERP service providers in the software market, most of them are based on desktop and are limited to few modules. So facilitating big institutions with a web based ERP solutions covering all aspects of the academic functioning like Initio, which is backed up with excellent technical support will soon establish its presence. “Initio is exactly trying to address this opportunity,” says Nidhi.

The Genesis
A Post Graduate in Economics, Nidhi laid foundation to the success of Creativ Era’s when she wanted to make a website for her grandfather, who is a doctor by profession. After relentless efforts, the path to her business looked quite clear as her service got recognition through a word of mouth among her clients and that strengthened her business. This organization very soon grew as a web development company that helps global organizations implement optimized e-business. Known for offering a host of innovative solutions and services including customized web application development, website designing, robust web hosting, search engine optimization services, e-commerce solutions and business process automation etc., Creativ Era’s has reached a stage in the competitive market, where they thought of offering a software service like ‘Initio’. Besides that, they are contemplating to carve a niche globally with their latest offering.

Before launching Initio in the market, it has been installed and tested in few colleges and schools in Kanpur and nearby areas. “The college management happily approved my idea though the biggest challenge for me was to convince the staff in college to show some acceptance for the software” says Nidhi.

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